Guest List

Here are a few of the guests who have appeared on the show:

Question Mark - ? and the Mysterians (96 Tears)

Jon Albert – Jap Herron

Steve Albini – recording Engineer / Shellac

Kyle Apparently - owes me $40

Colin Atrophy – Slice Harvester

Mikey Baltimore – The Back Burners

Miel Basestrat – Tanner Stages / Celiac

Ben Bass – Jeopardy Contestant

The Beege – Ten Cent Fuck Flicks

David Blend – Thrillist

Bootleg Bill – Discovery Channel’s Moonshiners

Billy Bragg

Jeremy Brashaw – The Uncertain Sea

Kurt Brecht – D.R.I. / Pasadena Napalm Division

Malcolm J. Brenner – author of ‘Wet Goddess’

Bryan Bruner – Comedian / Artist

Liz Bustumante – noise&light

Johnny C – These Estates

Jesse Cannon – author

Spike Cassidy – D.R.I.

Christopher Casugas – Feeling Gravity’s Pull

Champagne Jerry-the best

Heavy Metal Chris – Morning Glory

Lemon Cookie – Runny

Orianne Cosentino - chef

Bob D’Amico – Sebadoh

Dan Darragh – Risk/Reward

The Defibrulators

Jamie DeWolf – grandson of L. Ron Hubbard, 

Devin Dixon – chef

Dug Donohoe – Murphy’s Law

David Dovey – Internet

Tom Druker – Bogus Gasman / Born Frowning

Endangered Feces

Carmine Famiglietti – filmmaker, ‘Lbs’

Patrick Ferguson – Five-Eight

John Ferry – voice actor

Justin Foley – Austerity Program

Joel Frost – Playing Rock Star

Matt Gentling – Archers of Loaf

Craig Geraghty – actor / comedian

Mikey Big Time – actor

Nick Gilronan – Brooklyn’s Smallest Penis

Paul Graziano – city council candidate

Vicky Hamilton – Guns ‘N’ Roses first manager

John Hastie – Nonagon

Graham Hick – The Gersch

Woody High – Mighty High

Howie Hubberman – Godfather of the Sunset Strip


Corey Kilgannon – New York Times

Mr. King - artist

Mrs. King - delightful

Kevn Kinney – Drivin’ and Cryin’

Seth Keal – Knuckleball

Andrew Kosinski – Sirs

Tripp Lamkins – Grifters

Joe Latex – Latex Generation

Dan Lilker – Anthrax/S.O.D./Nuclear Assault

Jason Loewenstein – Sebadoh

Chris Milnes – Mucky Pup

Rob Montage – WAXEATER

Conan Neutron – Victory & Associates

Greg Norman – Bitter Tears / Tijuana Hercules

Wes Orshoski – director of Lemmy and The Damned docs

Jorge Pallo – Sons of Anarchy

Richie Ramone – Ramones

Faiz Razi – Small Awesome / karate expert

Carlin Reed – fixes your XML

Kate Revitte – Primes

Dean Rispler – Manitoba / Drug Front Records

Eugene S. Robinson – Oxbow / Author of ‘Fight’

Eliza Rohr - musician

Jon San Paulo – recording engineer

J.P. Scarola – comedian

Schaffer The Darklord- rapper

Tom Scharpling – host of The Best Show

Jodi Shapiro – Walking Shadow

Shirley – sexpert

Jon Solomon – Comedy Minus One / WPRB

Mike Sos – SOS

Stephen Sowley – Fake Limbs

Marc Storace – lead singer of Krokus

Gregg Turner – Angry Samoans

Ike Turner – Minutes 

Mike Upchurch – doom metal expert

Steven Vinies – author / musician

Nick Vivid – Fraulein

Derek Vockins – The Natural History

Tree Voigt – crappy sideburns

Steve Wasabi – comedian

Mike Watt – Minutemen / thud staff

Bradley R. Weissenberger – The Book-Burners

Mark Wheeler – The Mess Around

Andrew Zimmer – Thrillist

Mike Watt
Mike Watt

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